Who actually turns off the new skins?

I agree that a lot of the armor does look pretty bad. I love the hazard pay BR and Fireteam Raven armor in Halo 3 though. In fact I prefer the Fireteam Raven ODST armor over most of the og H3 armor. Pretty much most the new Halo 3 armor looks hideous though besides the Fireteam Raven sets and Air Assault… I hate the season 8 cosmetics.

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Looks like you are triggered, lol! But seriously I didn’t mean to sound serious. I meant it in a joking way.

I’ve learned a lot of people turn off skins to reduces crashes. Never thought of that and can’t blame people for it.

Despite this post, I’m actually happy 343i has a toggle. It keeps everyone happy and I like the option even though I’m not using it now. I wish I could disable new armor and skins while still seeing my own.

Not sure how straying from Master Chief has anything to do with it. The point of multiplayer is that you’re building your own Spartan. Sure there’s a lot of new ugly armor but there’s a lot of cool new weapon skins as well. Also it’s not like the og Halos didn’t have ugly helmets. I never cared for the EOD. It’s so ugly looking to me. Can’t toggle it off though and I wouldn’t even if I could.

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt me that we have the toggle I was just thinking, the other day, who actually turns everything off and plays the vanilla Halo 3 from 2007 when there’s all these new cosmetics? Basically I like that we have an option but I l just kind of think privately that these people are boring and just want to play the same game for 15 years straight. Obviously if it’s for technical reasons, I get it.

another that needs a toggle is rainbow six siege, a game that was meant to be based on tactical realism…well at launch it was. now it’s a wacky cosmetics fest. i constantly cringe whenever i see someone wearing stupid looking skins. when i just play to pretend i’m some bad a** operator taking on some bad guys.

i’m glad mcc has the toggle as not everyone wants to customize their character to look goofy, but to just play halo and be immersed in that universe for an hour or two.

i personally hate that most games with mp are now cosmetic focused rather than at being decent games.

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I’d use it if I could pick and choose what I don’t want to see, like most of the Halo Online armors, and all of the Season 8 armors.


I disabled skins for Halo CE and 3 because it crashed my game lmao

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i dont like gun skins and halo 4 stuff in my old games so i turn it off

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As a Halo enjoyer, and a pretty open-minded player. I love all the new armor additions (At first glance, they looked ugly but I gained appreciation for them overtime).

It’s good to assume I don’t have the option toggled on.

I think what people fail to see in the new armor additions is, while each full new set may look boring or off-putting at first. You’re not really supposed to use the full set if it looks entirely ugly in your eyes.

There’s a very good reason why you’re able to separate each of the interesting pieces (to you; as the player) and put your own twist on your Spartan that can look better or far superior than the vanilla armor combos from 13 years ago.

Now that you can take away the separate armor pieces that you think are good, you can slap it onto your Spartan and go nuts like never before.

I know that Halo Online is regarded as one of the worst armor sets but I think it’s one-sided to think this way without truly trying and engaging with the new armor sets to make your very own eccentric Spartan before judging.

I’ve seen people make genuinely good sets with them and it’s not impossible to make them look practical and badass at the same time.

The arms/chest/shoulders/legs are incredible to mix and match with while the helmets of the Halo Online theme are too weirdly foreign for me to do anything with.

It’s sometimes when people pay most attention to the helmets and don’t look at the other armor pieces, they think it really ruins the Halo experience. Halo Online armor sets to be used as an example.

I’m very happy and grateful that the armor permutations pool has expanded than vanilla and without it, I wouldn’t have made some awesome and very creative armor-combos to use for my Spartan in-game.

If you want to see some sick armor combinations and be convinced on the subject.

I would really recommend checking out videos from Ascend Hyperion as he has really good explanations on why they’re amazing for MCC.

Search up ‘Can Halo Art Styles Coexist? (Big Halo 3 Update)’ and the new and latest one ‘Will This Update RUIN The Halo Art Style (MCC Season 8 Debate)’

To be honest I want to enable the skins for Halo CE because I really like them but I don’t because if I do my game crashes a lot more so I’ve disabled skins for CE for months and it rarely crashes (most of the crashes I’ve experienced with CE happened after season 8 came) and with Halo 3 I disable them for the same reasons above although the one benefit with disabling the skins for Halo 3 is that the hands are more detailed.

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I did cuz the game would crash and I was getting this Fatal Errors!. Now the game run like it should. No crashes Not Fatal Errors! :slight_smile:

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I turned them off so Halo 3 wouldn’t crash.

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hey im glad someone is enjoying the new skins. but for me some are tonally inappropriate for the series and detract from my enjoyment. the ability to toggle seeing other people ruin their games is an improvement in my book. i wasnt thrilled when they became prevalent in reach and they’ve only gotten worse sense. im sure you’ll be ecstatic at some of the overwhelming ones they’re adding to infinite. ive already seen a few floating around :confused:

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I turned them off just to avoid season 8 stuff. Would have much preferred it to just turn off ‘non canon’ gear as I’d live to see and rock the ODST gear again. I just don’t wanna see the rubbish from season 8 that now affects 2 of my favourite games on MCC.


I get not liking season 8 stuff. It doesn’t fit at all

wait…you can turn them off! How?

  1. Goto Settings

  2. goto gameplay

3, In the list select Halo 3

  1. Goto New Skins and turn them off

  2. Done

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Can also be done under Reach settings as that has Season 8 helmets too.

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You can also do that in Halo 4.

The event live on infinite looks as bad as season 8 cosmetics. i hope it’s not just gonna turn into a generic hero shooter like all the other f2p games out there…of which there are just way too many now. all competing with each other…

will probably just stick to playing campaign & bot matches. (at least we have that now)

shame the mcc doesn’t have bots…

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I turned cosmetics off simply because Season 8 was the worst implementation to date. it was clear day one that only the Greek stuff was supposed to release Season 8, with norse and medieval being decided for season 9 and 10 alongside some more H:O stuff.

(still miffed that it turns off the Reach and 4 restorations though)

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“boring” is not a nice way to describe the views of your fellow community members and is a rude dismissal of their concerns. Also, check your own rudeness by wanting to force others to see your cosmetics.

I think there is a bad view of those that oppose the new cosmetics. like they have some irrational fear of "NEW THINGS IN MAH HALO! " But that could not be further from the truth.

The core issue is you are overlooking a personality type in your assumption. And that is some people enjoy the art of Halo as much as they enjoy the gameplay. for players out there getting immersed in the art of the game is just as important and is a pillar of the game. imagine telling someone that likes the song Gangsters Paradise they have to enjoy Weird Al’s Amish Paradise just because someone likes it.

Just think of it like this. a bunch of people had art-style breaking armor added without being asked. and now you want them to be forced to look at it in spite the fact 343 added it by asking for forgiveness and not permission, would you be ok with Halo adding Teletubbies or bikini armor because somewhere out there someone would like it? where is that line for you? I would then answer that you should take that feeling and place it where you disagree with those that dislike season 8

of course, this is only one view. there is nothing wrong with disagreeing. but please don’t so casually dismiss people that are upset with the new stuff. Compromise is just that. compromise. everyone gets something out of it.

I would encourage you to Youtube " REDESIGNING Season 8 Helmets | Making MCC’s new helmets fit Halo 3’s Art Style" the issue is not “NEW IS BAD” but that the new is not consistent.

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