Whites vs Blacks

I am a colorblind gamer. I often have a difficult time distinguishing between a team mate and the enemy team since both red and blue have a similar value to me. Because of this I often betray my team mates on accident. So I thought it would be a great idea if 343 could create a playlist for colorblind gamers that had two totally different teams: WHITES vs BLACKS.

Simple idea really. You’ve got a white team and a black team. No room for confusion with such a huge contrast in colors unlike red and blue, which look very similar to somebody like me. I mean, sometimes I can tell the difference, but the value in Reach is confusing.

If I am on the white team and I see a black person stealing my warthog, I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot him, whereas in regular red vs blue, it would take ma few seconds to tell who is who, then I either end up betraying my team mate, or getting run over by the enemy. If I am on the black team, and I see a white dude carrying the flag, I would shoot him instantly, no more hesitation!

Or sometimes I will be driving a warthog and I will try to pick up somebody who I think is a team mate, only to be hijacked. If I am on the white team, I will definitly not stop for any black players and hopefully I will run them over. Same thing goes if I am on the black team. If I am on the black team, I will be able to tell that the white person in the vehicle is on the other team then I can hijack it. I think this would be a great thing to do for us colorblind gamers Bungie! What do you guys think?

Don’t think 343 can do much about that until Halo 4. But seriously, it sounds like your trolling really hard and throwing out racial remarks.

EDIT: I have an idea. You could turn the color setting on your television all the way down to where it’s just white and black.

I swear I’ve seen this thread before and we all shot this idea down and instead insisted that a better option would be to allow a setting from within the game to display the colors to you differently, thus allowing you to play all playlist, not just a special one.

edit to add - his examples are clearly trolling…

> Bungie!

This is an old troll post from The Flood on b.net.

It would be ok if it were restricted to a few gametypes.
The black team would have quite a huge advantage, since they blend in with the surroundings better than the white team. Would be a bit unbalanced but you have a nice idea.

Report And Move On.