White Screen on Regret Mission

For Halo 2 Anniversary in Steam, just today I noticed a problem where once the game loads I’m only seeing a white screen. I can hear background dialogue and sounds ok, but there is only a white screen. I had no problem with this yesterday.
I’ve rebooted my PC and attempted again but no avail. I also loaded both Halo Reach and Halo CE anniversary with no problems.
Please advise on how to proceed.

Same issue here getting white screen after scraber destroyed. They don’t even give option to redo mission in different point of time in halo 2, want us to do entire mission again…

Go in play list and do clear bridge mission again, it works then… :slight_smile:

Haloking, I ended up restarting the entire Regret mission from the beginning and there was no white screen issue. Like you I didn’t like having to replay the entire thing, I now realize I was almost done the first time. Hopefully they will look into this. It’s a mostly great game otherwise.