White Screen Glitch?

I haven’t gotten the game yet since I’m stuck at college (no car or xbox here :()

But I’ve been reading reviews, posts, topics, from a lot of different places claiming a “white screen glitch.” Essentially you can hear what’s going on but not see anything. Has anyone experienced this, or know what I’m talking about?

Yeah this exact thing happened to me today after a couple of hours play. Powered down the xbox and fired it up again but just went straight to the white screen as soon as I started the game from disc. Deleted the game save and an update but made no difference. Started playing under a second profile on my 360 and it lasted about 10 minutes before that went white. During the two hours I managed to get out of it, the game switched to 3D two or three times, switched to the game menu several times and threw two grenades a number of times all without pressing a button. It’s incredible the amount of people this white screen problem has happened to and there’s not a thing published by the game makers recognising it as an issue. There’ a few people asking for a fix but I haven’t seen a solution recorded anywhere online so I’m affraid I’ll be returning my copy and will be looking for a refund. A real shame because I was really looking forward to this release.