White Mambas Recruiting! 90+ Active Members

Welcome to the White Mambas! (We currently have 93 active members)
Casual? Competitive? Doesn’t matter… Everyone’s welcome here! Join us, and become part of an amazing community!

Our company offers many features including (but not limited to):

  • A complete leadership system run by Its Forest, sTeaLthR3c0n, OmegaGainz, and Avm14. - An outside source for easier communication: We require you to use Discord. (Click the link for more info) - Bi-weekly activity checks to keep our Company active. - Scheduled events and practice skirmishes. (First tournament is tonight @ 8:00pm CST) - Crazy custom games for competitive, or casual play. - Forge competitions. (Coming soon) - An LFG channel on Discord to make it extremely easy to find a team.Membership application:
    (Copy and Paste this please)

  • Are you willing to join us on Discord and use it often? Y/N - Will you be an active member in the group, and participate in Company events whenever possible? Y/N - How often are you online? - What is your Time-zone? - Are you a casual, or competitive gamer, or somewhere in-between? - Why do you want to be a part of this Company? - If all positions are filled, would you still be interested in joining us on Discord? - Tell me a little bit about you:If you join us on Discord but aren’t in the company, you will still have access to our LFG channel and General channel.