[White Mambas] Looking for more awesome Spartans!

What’s up Spartans!
My name is Mason. I have created a new group and I’m looking for some awesome people to join. I want this group to grow into an awesome community and I need your help to do so. We currently have 41 members, and are continuing to grow!

A little about me:
I am a semi-competitive/semi-casual player. I like to win of course, but I won’t rage if we don’t. I play for the fun of the game, and winning isn’t everything. I love to forge, and play custom games.
This group is named after an old clan I had back in the days of Halo 3. Unfortunately, most of my friends no longer play Halo, so I want to get to know some new people with similar interests as myself.

My goals for this group:

  • I would really like to get to around 50 members before the 27th so we have plenty of people to party up with. - Competitive tournaments within the company, or with other companies. - Have group events where we play crazy custom games, matchmaking, campaign, or have tournaments as stated above. - Forge contests to see who can make the greatest maps. We will have polls in the forum to vote for your favorites. - Be awesome! I want this group to be active and welcoming to all new members!If you are interested, the group page is here: White Mambas. Like I said; everyone is welcome! I can’t wait to see you all on the 27th :slight_smile: