White Company Mercenaries Looking for work.

I am a part of a newly formed mercenary group who is now looking for work within the Halo 5 clan community.

We are a small group of veteran players who have spent many hours honing in our skills.

We are currently offering our many services to other clans in the community. We trace our clan roots back to Halo Reach and are very familiar with the clan scene.

We are very professional with what we do and are looking to extend our hands to you.

We can assist you with trainings/recruiting, leadership takedowns, information gathering/spying, raid assistance, or anything else that you may need.

The only thing we all in return is that you make it worth our while.

You may contact me on xbox live or through a message on Halo Waypoint.

S1N - Out.

I am a mercanery and I would like to join you may gamer tag o. Xbox360 is LILGHOST2004

Hey guys, would you be willing to join up and help us out with the rest of our achillies commendations? We are getting pretty close and would live the extra support of mercenary players. Thank you again for considering.

Hello. I’m not sure if your group is still active but we have 11 spaces open at ion saviors and are on our final push for the Achilles helmet. If you guys have any interest in joining to help our cause you will be rewarded with the helmet rather quickly. Also, we’ve been together since halo 4 and will continue to keep this spartan company going for the duration of the halo releases.
Regardless, we would be greatful if you joined us.



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