seriously the worst thing about this forum are the whining beaches. this game is much better than halo 3. reach was a crime against video gaming. period

halo 4 mp is great and tbh it is nothing like cod. the drops are hardly op and most of the time theyre for myself or team mates who’ve run out of ammo.

iv just come over from battlefield and halo 4 stacks well against it. blows cod out of the water

ps. blops 2 blows - wow it looks bad lol


Oh look, a guy whining about whiners.

What. A. Whiner.

what was the point of this post?

Whining about whiners, what a productive post!

sadly people theres stillt hose out there who think Halo 3 was abbandoned
but if all the Halo 4 haters have moved there, so I wouldn’t say it was abbandoned. sometimes one wonders why they think a game is only made for them, or if they speak for others without acknowledign they have a voice and mind of there own.

Why do people actually take the time to post nonsense like this when they don’t even attempt to type half of it properly? For shame.