While there is life...

Dont give up on Halo…not yet :frowning:
think about all the fun we had with the franchise over the years…
I mean just… i dont know
I dont know what to say, i dont know what to think anymore
Trends suck, and so does Microsoft by not investing in new exclusives and sequeezing halo to become something like…this
this hollow profit-turned franchise it is becoming
I really would like not to be forced to give up on Halo
but its getting harder every day.
Halo 4 was supposed to be a fresh start for Halo, the one that would please us all and bring legions of new fans
but instead…well… you know…
Where there is life, there is hope
while there is life…

Halo isn’t dead. It’s in a coma.

A little dramatic for a video game…the game is fine, needs work.

I know that I can only speak for myself and my friends but Halo 4 is DoA. In my humble opinion Spartan Op’s is pretty repetitive, the Multiplayer is a poor imitation of other FPS’s and the Campaign lacks any replay value. If you look at the stats only about 1% of people that bought H4 are playing it on-line. It’s going to take 343I a lot of PR work to dig themselves out of the hole that they dug with Halo 4.

I love playing Halo 4. It just needs to do a bit of tweaking to hit the sweet spot.