which vehicle would you want to return to halo5

All of the above

Chopper, Falcon/Hornet, Revenant are at my top. I would like to see the rest come back as well.

i hope the chopper returns

I could do without the Prowler and Revenant, but I’d like for the rest of them to come back.

All of em, except for the AA wraith and prowler.

They should all be in Halo 5, but the Chopper is the most bad*ss

Chopper, Revenant, Hornet, Gungoose, and the obvious ones like the Ghost and Warthog.

Chopper and the Revenant, but the chopper a bit more since it has a severe lack of appearances.

All of the above but the falcon for me

Falcon. Much more teamwork-oriented than the Hornet, and damn, it felt good to fly. Something about tearing up the sky with two gunners, circling the power core on Spire was just… Awesome.

After that it would be chopper.
After that Spectre.