Which turret is better?

Which of the stationary machine gun styles would you like to see brought back? Personally I like the Halo 3 one best it was more accurate and made you feel like a boss.


You guys hate EVERYTHING in Halo: Reach…

i liked the look of them in to pluss somthing about the none removablility made them more firce

I like Halo 3s. The spinning design made me feel like a badass.

Reach’s is nice though. Looks decently cool.

I liked all of the designs. Reach’s is pretty bad-a##. But I’ve gotta agree with the others, Halo 3’s spinning barrels were pretty damn slick. :wink:

That will be all

I much preffered the ‘mini gun’ look compared to reach’s… design

I think the Reach turret felt much better, it just would have been awesome if it didn’t over heat, but it was an awesome way of balancing it so for me it was the best.

> You guys hate EVERYTHING in Halo: Reach…

I didnt hate the reach one. I actually use it quite a bit injust liked how the H3 one was practically the turret ripped of the hog

Pics or it didn’t happen. :smiley:

When Stationary
Halo 2: Wide opened when using it; Accurate; Deadly
Halo 3: Some cover; Accurate; Deadly
Halo Reach: Some cover; Inaccurate; Weak; Overheats

I want Halo 3’s. 2’s has a boring look and what wide opened with no defense cover. Reach’s is a complete disgrace.

But make Halo 3’s overheat. I actually like that feature.

where is my Gauss Turret option

I honestly enjoyed all the different Turrets in the Halo Games, as long as they bring it back in Halo 4 so I could feel like a badass when I rip off the mount.

> You guys hate EVERYTHING in Halo: Reach…

Untrue. I for one liked many features of Reach, such as how it has much smoother aiming and less aim assist, the art style, Forge, Firefight. It’s just that many features of the game such as AAs, bloom, the Arena, were not done very well and as such made playing the game much less enjoyable than it could have been.

I prefer the Halo 3 turret though because of how it looked rather than how it played, as let’s be honest here in neither game are they used much.

> You guys hate EVERYTHING in Halo: Reach…

Let’s count the problems:

  1. Maps are not competitive
  2. Bloom
  3. No BR
  4. No SMG
  5. No Dual-Wielding
  6. Stationary turrets are super inaccurate
  7. Can’t play as Elites all the time
  8. Don’t fight a Scarab
  9. Firefight is not tough/scary; It’s just sprary/pray/cR farm; Not anywhere like ODST’s
  10. no 1-50 ranking
  11. Arena
  12. Random Zombie starts are not random
  13. Alpha Zombies was not automatically put in the game
  14. Sword Block
  15. Low Jump
  16. Slow Run
  17. Armor Lock
  18. No Bleedthrough

Let’s count the positives:

  1. Forge
  2. Forge World
  3. Custom Games
  4. Campaign
  5. Theater
  6. Gametypes
  7. Graphics
  8. Vehicles

I’m preety sure I’ve missed a lot. Everything positive is version 2’s from Halo 3’s. mostly everything negative was newly added/deleted stuff. So yes, I HATE almost everything in Reach

H2 more range and damage if you could pick up the turret in Halo 2 it’d be boss

> Let’s count the positives:
> 1) Forge
> 2) Forge World
> 3) Custom Games
> 4) Campaign
> 5) Theater
> 6) Gametypes
> 7) Graphics
> 8) Vehicles

Seriously? the campaign? When I play the campaign I get tired of all the sacrifice and going down with the ship. What part of noble team was good? They did next to nothing, they instantly kill you if you betray, the campaign is all about using the dmr. Pretty much just that. To hell with the other weapons, just give us the mini sniper. No thanks. Reach’s campaign is the lowest if ranked among all other campaigns.

Oh ya I forgot, I want a flamethrower turret!