I’ve always been into the K/D Ratio. I just try to keep it over 1 and I’m impressed when people get it to 1.5 and shocked that players can get to 2 and higher.

My K/D would be sooooo much better had I not had so many games were my entire F****** team backed out. I will not quit a match regardless the scenarios. I once went 6 and 23 because of team drop outs. I personally want them to bring back JIP.

I just look at my warzone stats

Also, I usually go 15-20 kills and less than 10 deaths. So I’m not a bad player; and the objective based games I don’t go for kills so my K/D in CTF and Stronghold is low for a reason. I rush the objective.


Not from a competitive standpoint, just for my own personal goals. Much like yourself, I always try to keep it above 1. :slight_smile:

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> I just look at my warzone stats

You haven’t played much at all. Your stats are low. Not saying bad. Just low.

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> I’ve always been into the K/D Ratio. I just try to keep it over 1 and I’m impressed when people get it to 1.5 and shocked that players can get to 2 and higher.

I like to keep mine above 1 as well. I’ve just got it back to above 1 following the usual terrible start on a new Halo. Seems to take me ages to adjust, but then I am an old git. My Halo 4 K/D is 1.5, and I play run and gun and NEVER in a team, so I guess it’s not too bad.

It’s a little more meaningless in Arena now when comparing to other players. If you’re 1.0 k/d in Onyx, and 2.0 k/d in Bronze, I know who my money would be on to win.

KDA because killsteals do happen.

All bout that rank bro

Im learning towards KDA, I steal kills like no other because I am always quick to recognize the low shield player. While K/D is still important to me, if you can have a relatively high KDA you’re good in my book.

I put K/D but I agree with a lot of other people with kill steals and the KDA, so I’d say either or, but K/D generally lets you know who was playing smart and who wasn’t. I try not to judge too hard based on that though because sometimes people just have bad games. for example had a game where I went .2 yesterday and came back with a 6.3 or something in the next game (my average is 1.26 K/D in Diamond Tier). I also blame at least half of everyones kills on respawn insta-deaths

*this is all from a SWAT perspective as I dont usually play other game modes

K/D but if you are always rolling solo in slayer or any arena game type for that matter, it’s tough to have a great one. Some of my friends who have had 1.7s and 2.0s who have played since Halo CE still amaze me.

My K/D ratio would be a lot higher if I was good

The one that shows how much fun this game is… Currently zero with occasional spikes that are the times i get to play with my kids on campaign. Other than that the game really isn’t very good at all. Huge lag/latency issues. Small, Mundane maps with very little creative design. And very limited game variation.
The req system is new but not different. Just another unlock system that allows for micro transactions. There is nothing revolutionary or fantastic about this game. It’s smaller than its predecessors, has the story board writing of a 4th grader at best, and simply put is a huge step backwards in quality compared to any of the halo games in the franchise. It’s fueled by hype nothing more.

I’m a completionist so my percent complete is what matters to me.

Damage dealt is a nice new stat to show you who is really putting forth an effort even if they are low on the standings (kills)

Winning is the most important stat to me. I don’t care for K/D personally I can have an amazing if K/D I so wish by playing BTB or Warzone it is easy to boost ( I know BTB isn’t available yet though).


Erm, wrong game.

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> KDA because killsteals do happen.

Not just that, but in team slayer, sometimes I need an ally to secure the kill. It is a team game after all!

I think the stat on if you had fun or not is best state.