Which Specialization Should I Choose?

Should I enlist in the Rogue specialization, or Tracker. I just can’t decide and I want to know if anyone can personally know which one is overall better.

I think about the same but I think I will choose engineer.

only choices are wetwork and operator

I have all eight (Except Wetwork which I am about to complete) to choose from, I just want to know which is more useful. Rogue, or Tracker.

Well, if you find yourself having trouble finishing fights due to your aim being knocked off by opponents, then I’d suggest Rogue, however, if you feel that you are having bad luck with ordnance more often than not, go with Tracker.

Just figure out where you’re lacking and get some support there.

Both are very useful. I would personally recommend choosing pioneer for the exp boost.

Well I feel like all the specializations aren’t there to help improve how your spartan kills, they just make gameplay more fun. Like tracker, I feel like my spartan is all ready crazy steady. I just want to know, which one is more useful out of someone else’s personal experience. :slight_smile: