Which relevant modes should Infinite have?

Halo always had a lot of modes. Some were company made while others were forge made added into matchmaking. Some had high population and many had low. Its obvious that games these days add less modes in their multiplayer. If Halo Infinite’s multiplayer does the same then what and how many relevant modes should there be?

All of them. Reach did it best, when it comes to Multiplayer Modes and Diversity.

Social Rumble Pit
Social Skirmish 5v5 (KOTH, 1 Flag/Bomb)
Action Sack

Aside from the obvious Slayer and Capture The Flag, I’d like to see KOTH and Juggernaut return as official game modes. Wouldn’t mind seeing Strongholds again, honestly.

I would hope that in Forge we would see absolutely every variant possible along with some fresh ones.

Let we the community do as we wish with it, and use the meta data from what is most played to bring it over to multiplayer playlists, or a revamped custom browser.

As for the list of variants at launch, I would like to see the staples:

  • Team variants such as BTB, slayer, flag, assault and the such - Variants for lone players like, Free for all, team doubles, SWAT and etc.I would also like to see three rotating playlists that will eventually showcase variants like infection if not see that at launch, action sack and the lesser populated modes.

I think War Zone and Firefight should share the same lobby as they currently do, with weekly twists thrown in for the non-vanilla versions.

Something I think should return in HI is domanion and race, but BTB has to return with fun maps.

Needs for me are ranked/social team arena and slayer, ranked SWAT, BTB, fiesta, and action sack (if the majority of modes are fun AKA not H5 action sack). Other than those I don’t care what else they add/remove.