Which part of the game has 343I made the most money. out of

Out of curiosity what part of the game has 343I made more money off of?

Campaign or Multiplayer?

The campaign is expensive but it’s big and more enjoyable, but has its limits. Once you finish everything the only thing left to do is go hunt more banished or mess around. I loved the open world and there’s possibility that there are still some secrets there.

Multiplayer is free and fun but is infamous for it’s prices in armour (personally never bought any and don’t intend to). There is free armour but it can be a challenge for some to obtain.


Idk if there’s anyway to know for sure unless you work for 343 or Microsoft, but I think it’s safe to assume more money is made off of multiplayer. Especially considering how many people probably just used game pass for the campaign.

Only about 1 million have bought the campaign, that is $60 million. Not to mention the BP is there, so a good chunk of that million probably have it on there
If 5 million people just bought $10 of the BP, that is already $50 million and I know for a fact that some people have already spent hundreds on the game

I think the answer is pretty obvious.

In the short-term (and with short-term I mean a few days - few months) it probably will be the campaign. You have to factor in all the preorders, premium editions and all the people paying full price for the game on day 1. This number will obviously slow down and will rise a bit once a new campaign DLC releases.

So, there are no official public numbers (and Services like Game-Pass obviously makes things harder to calculate), but I’d guess everything from 2-5 Million copy sales in the first months seems realistic.
I think I’m not leaning too much out of the window when I state that the campaign has / will have made about 200-500 million of revenue in the first months. (rough guess)

For the Microtransactions you obviously have no published datas either. However, it’s a fact that the gaming industry has grown massively over the past few years, “thanks” to the MT.
If you look at the revenue of basically every big publishers and their big games, you can make rough guesses.

EA - a publisher that releases their sports games every year and technically should make a lot of money just with their base game alone, earns 75% of their revenue through Microtransactions. These numbers are crazy.
Popular games like COD Warzone (which is also F2P) makes 5 Mill. (average) of revenue a day.

So, I think it’s safe to say that a game like Halo Infinite will make billions of dollars witihn a few years. It obviously also depends on the games population, but they will reach these numbers either way.

I would guess that particularly with gamepass, they almost surely made the most off of cosmetics. Which sucks, because that means they’ll just lean even further in that direction. Just wait another decade and the next game will be all live service MP that requires starlink to play (or they’ll arrest you,) and brief seasonal “cutscenes” to hype up new cosmetics.

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with the amount of cat ears and other goofy stuff i’ve seen people wear in mp its definitely mp, and in all technicality i didn’t spend anything on campaign, i traded in a stack of old games for it.

Im willing to bet Microsoft made the most money related to infinite on just gamepass purchases.