Which ONI vehicle do you prefer? Why?

I prefer mantis on this one, sparten lock on missles are OP!

Mongoose Kappa

mongoose for quick ins-and outs also to mess up enemy tanks and mantises

Warthog. Fast, agile, and the bullets <em>EXPLODE!!! insert intensity level 26572946572937190 here</em>

Mantis for sure. The tank and warthogs are nice, but those missile locks to multiple targets makes you as close to invincible as it gets!

I’d have to go with the mantis as well. The scorpion and gungoose don’t really do enough more for me than the midlevel variants to warrant the nod. I tend to run solo so the oni warthog is pretty much useless to me.

Mantis. Lock on and damn near unstoppable in terms of armor. Anti-infantry and anti-vehicle all wrapped up into one package.

Warthog or Mantis, I don’t use them much but they are deadly.