Which multiplayer mode are you most hyped for?

Just the normal slayer gameplay… That’s my thing :slight_smile:

I honestly cant pick one.

Slayer- Returning to even starts, while expanding on player movement is the best approach to expanding the gameplay. It is something I wanted the game to go back to since Reach.

Warzone- Bigger BTB with multiple ways to help your team. This is going to be something my friends and I will definitely enjoy once we got a few cards in our hands.

CTF- Everything that made CTF good is back with a few added things to deal with the lack of communication from a mostly silent community.

As much as I love Slayer, and I looove Slayer, Breakout has to be what I’m most excited about. I know the gamemode is nothing original (nothing about Halo ever really has been :p), but it seems like a lot of fun, given Halo’s playstyle, and the additions to the core gameplay Halo 5 is introducing to the series.


It has to be breakout, nothing makes you try your hardest, than knowing you have one life to do it.

Warzone Assault. Its the same scale of battle as Warzone, just crammed into a tighter area. Everyone is in the same area either attacking or defending a position. SO you don’t have to walk all over the map to find the action :slight_smile:

Breakout is a close second but mine is always gonna be the base slayer