Which map do you think you like more so far?

I like Wraparound just because I think it looks nicer.

i love wraparound
the scenery made me think of this cutscene from halo wars (which i loved)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96LZ6gGQS5Y
it looked really epic with the clouds and all, also that feeling of being really high in the sky

from what we have seen wraparound looks like a mix of guardian and narrows, it looks good

Wraparound, it looks more beautiful. Besides, I have always preferred Forerunner maps to human maps, they simply are more beautiful and mysterious in general.

I like Warhouse, it just looks like the kind of map to test your situational awareness and keep you on your toes… instead of just being in the open and getting shot at.


warhouse cuz of the robot being built in the middle

I really don’t know enough to say I like one more than the other, once I see them firsthand, I’ll choose.

Definitely Wraparound. Not only because Reach made me weary of human maps, but also because I’ve always favored Forerunner maps.