Which map are you looking forward to?

I’m personally really excited for Meltdown. As a BTB fan this map looks absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to get some vehicular mayhem going on that map.

I made this video this video that shows off short clips from each map if you haven’t seen them all yet.

Which maps are you most excited to play on?

Ragnoroc i would have to say appeals to me. and i can’t remember what map Im thinking but i think its called haven also made me excited.

Little disappointed when they were not remarking halo 3s guardian. but the valhallah remake would have been my second choice. good times on that map.


Meltdown and Impact.

I quite like the look of Abandon, but if I’m honest all, I wish it was 6th Nov today lol.

Solace and Haven. My only issues with each are the non symmetrical starting spawns on Haven and the orange glow blocking the line of sight (but not fire) between Sniper spawns on Solace. The latter of which may prove a good design choice, however, as I’m yet to make an informed decision.

Adrift reminds me too much of Countdown, Abandon of Backwash, and BTB maps/gametypes aren’t usually what get me hyped. Longbow Dominion does look interesting, however.

Haven and Adrift!

meltdown and exile and possibly vortex :slight_smile:

Haven for it’s impressive lighting, small size and it’s interesting Forerunner architecture.

I’m liking the new look and feel of Ragnarok.

Out of the ones i have seen id have to say vortex :slight_smile:

Exile looks like a lot of fun. Asymmetrical vehicle combat over a medium-sized map with multiple routes to take around the doughnut…all is well.

Haven and Impact

Probably Complex and Adrift

All of them.

They put Reach’s to shame just from looking at them.

Of course, putting Reach to shame don’t take much.

Ragnarok and Longbow.

For small scale I am looking forward to Solace, for squad/BTB it is Exile, and for forge I see unique stuff coming out of Impact.


Haven and Meltdown look to be my favorites so far.

I’m excited to play on Ragnarok the most.

But also Haven and Adrift because they’re what come to mind when I think of Halo 4. They were the first maps revealed, and’re awesome.