Which Level do you ALWAYS skip in LSS

  • Lvl 1 (Disruptor/Mangler)
  • Lvl 2 (Mangler/AR)
  • Lvl 3 (AR/Commando)
  • Lvl 4 (Commando/Bulldog)
  • Lvl 5 (Bulldog/BR)
  • I play them all

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Personally I skip 2 it is a multiple choice poll so choose all the ones you skip.
Edit: Realized I said the wrong number

Messed up my vote, confused by the options. I always skip the mangler/disruptor & mangler/AR. Go straight into the commando. The sidekick has greater outplay potential than the mangler and disruptor.

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i literally use the pistol all the way up to the commando, i cant tell you how many games ive won with a level 1 pistol still in my hand. i love it. it suprises alot of people playing.

I skip level 1 and level 3

I like level 0 way more than level 1 and prefer level 2 over level 3 (because I absolutely hate the Commando)

I skip the Mangler/Disrupter Level, not my cup of tea of weapon choices

I skip until I can get commando AR. Sidekick beats everything that comes b4 the commando


I use the Sidekick too. I upgrade straight to AR/Commando if I feel like it, then Commando/Bulldog and so on.

Personally I’m not extremely good with the sidekick. I usually use the disruptor and then finish them off with a pistol headshot for my fist kill then upgrade to mangler/Disruptor. Both have good use cases but maybe I’m just good with the disruptor lol.