Which less-than-optimal Coating system would you prefer?

  • Current System (Preset coatings locked to specific items)
  • Custom Coatings, but you have to purchase upgrades (materials, colors, patterns) and each purchased upgrade is limited to the specific item you buy them for
  • Preset coatings, but you can use them on any item

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why cant we mix and match colors ourself

What do you think “custom coatings” means?

Custom coatings, for sure.

I’m kinda surprised that’s losing atm

I think the preset option is the most realistic “ask” at this point. Allowing us to use a coating anywhere allows immediate value to a thing that already exists. Any custom option would require a UI rework at minimum, and changes on the dev end at the worst. Not terribly realistic outside of something like a fill title update.

Your custom choice would likely lead the vote if it was customization without having to earn anything.

True, although I was asking about preference more than feasibility

Granted, but your custom option requires another type of "currency. Most of the complaints about a lack of customization are based in a desire to not have to do anything more than simply play the game.

Mmm not necessarily, I just mean replacing the current shaders in the unlock system with their respective patterns or materials, or special colors they include. You still unlock the components or purchase them as in the current setup, then customize from there.

Although I said purchase, I meant “unlock” in the current same manner of unlocking coatings. That’s my bad

I’d just like an armour colour system that tastes like a natural armour colour system.

In every previous Halo game, my clan and I rocked clan colours… Now we have to wait and see if we can get an emblem that will match our clan and pray to the microtransaction god’s for an armour coating to match.


Because then 343 can’t get their money for the armor coating.