Which is your favorite

ODST or Spartan: I prefer ODST just because I like the concept

ODST hands down
Spartans are damn good but they have the benefit of augmentations
ODSTs dont, they fight the old fashioned way, with 100℅ skill and badass mentality!

I personally like Spartans better because they have the benefits of their augmentation like enhanced reflexes and durability and are more effective for higher risk missions. Still respect the ODSTs and their daring attitudes.

I like both, that’s why I like helljumpers just like the spartan buck

Spartan if you asked me a year ago. I’ve played ODST but never realized what an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) really was until I looked them up. Going to go with ODST on this one. I love Chief; he’ll be my all-time favorite character but the background to ODST’s is awesome. Who doesn’t like a soldier that drops out of the sky into combat in a pod at high velocity; pretty freakin’ ridiculous, imagine them in real life!