Which is your favorite of the three auto's...

Mine personally is the Storm Rifle. How about you?

Edit: Sorry about the title, I wasn’t thinking clearly for a minute. I’m also sorry to those whom are fans of the Covenant Needler. I forgot that gun… so if it’s your favorite speak up!


the LAAG


Suppressor, it may be a pain to use but it is the closest thing to a SMG that you can start with.

Storm Rifle.

I know the topic is about one favorite, but damn it, I love 'em all!

Assault Rifle: Probably my favorite on pare with the Storm Rifle. It’s iconic, it’s -Yoink!- and it’s finally usable. It’s had good camouflages, nice sound effects and a good fire rate. Reloads are quick, kill time is good, and it is the best starting weapon to provide suppressive fire even in medium range. It’s finally really accurate. It’s a feared tool now!

Storm Rifle: Probably the best incarnation since Combat Evolved. The Strom Rifle is the most powerful of all the three automatic starting weapons. It’s have a decent rate of fire, a good accuracy and it’s an absolute powerhouse. Most dangerous at close range, but it’s also really lethal at close to medium range. It’s slows the target, and causes a lot of flinch, probably the best tool to finish of one key opponent at the time. Not too useful if you’re outnumbered, but you always can count on your pure hands because it’s draw your opponents shields fast. Sadly, it’s do not have any cool camouflage.

Suppressor: To tell the truth, the suppressor is really weak but it’s mostly like a support weapon. It doesn’t draw the shields or the health too fast, it’s has a really bad range but it’s slows down the target enough to count on a team mate’s helpful shots or your hands. Mostly effective when used with grenades and or melee attacks, it’s a really special weapon.

SAW: This weapon is mostly like an Assault Rifle. But it’s bigger, it’s faster, and it’s more deadly. This lethal automatic ordinance unlike others in it’s class can handle multiple enemies at once. It’s big magazine deals a lot AR powered rounds with an extremely high rate of fire. It’s the AR’s big brother.

Needler: This weapon is like an old friend for me. But it’s has chanced a lot! Better than ever (okay, Halo 2’s dual wield needler lol), it’s one of the fastest killing machine in this game! This pink demon is so -Yoink!-. Only use at one enemy at the time because it’s low capacity and high rate of fire.

Turret: The UNSC turret is now really improved. It’s accuracy and damage is buffed, so it’s now a really fearful weapon. The Covenant counterpart however is really weak, especially if it’s compared to it’s previous incarnations.

My tops the assult rifle because ive loved it since the beggining of my halo career, but the Storm rifle is my favorite!

"Excellent work my brothers! The humans are no match for the Covanent’s might!"

Storm Rifle.

The AR.

Something about it seems so manly. Probably it’s sounds.

> The AR.
> Something about it seems so manly. Probably it’s sounds.

Or it’s amzing recoil from firing 7.62x54mm rounds…

AR, It’s my best Automatic and I used it a ton in the past Halo games (beside halo 2 due to no AR’s.)


most precise at burst firing

Storm Rifle. Which is less awesome than the plasma repeater (at least the idea of the plasma repeater, which turned out to suck). But the Plasma rifle will always be king of the automatic rifles in my book.

AR is tried and true but I’m working through the SR - Master commendation right now.

The SAW is a great addition to the sandbox, though. Simply beastly.

The SAW.
Plenty of fun has been had with that bad boy.

Dat Assault Rifle.
It’s so much more beefier, so basic, majestic sounding, and overall, super fun to use.

Storm Rifle looked like such a beast pre-release.

When I used it, I was appalled. Elites kill me with it more than I kill them (compared to CE, where I could return the favor). Not to mention it’s almost indistinguishable to the Carbine…

My favorite would be the AR. Really great aesthetic, seeing marines dominate Crawlers with it (sometimes Knights) makes me smile, it feels like the CE AR but 5x better. Killing Crawlers with it looked awesome at E3, still feels awesome today.

Suppressor is nice against Watchers and Knight shields but it’s otherwise superseded by the Light Rifle.

SAW is supposed to be the epitome of a perfect automatic but it’s autoaim is pretty immense, it’s not as satisfying as I had hoped, and it still feels kinda weak. Then again, I think most UNSC power weapons in this game are unsatisfactory to use, sans Railgun and Rocket launcher.

Darn, I love all of the automatics. In fact, I love all of the weapons in this game. Though not a big fan of the Concussion Rifle because I suck with it, and myself using it shows how bad of a Halo player I am.

But AR and the UNSC Turret probably have to top my list.

Assault Rifle: Probably the most iconic weapon in Halo history (Some may say otherwise but don’t listen to them :P) I just love it in this game; It’s back to its old beautiful, elegant design not like that ugly, clunky version that we got in Reach.
Probably the most balanced of all the automatic weapons; the range, the damage output and the rate of fire make it perfect for mid ranged combat. Definitely my favorite automatic; I’m glad to have this baby back in its full glory.

Storm Rifle: This is actually a good weapon; useful in mid and close range but I don’t really enjoy using this as much as I enjoy using the other weapons, I just hate the design; it looks like a freaking carbine! I really miss the Plasma Repeater and Plasma Rifle designs. This is my least favorite of the list.

Suppressor: The worst looking Promethean weapon; it looks and feels bland but it is EXCELLENT at close range situations. If you combine it with meeleing or grenades then you’ll have the -Yoink- done. It is just like the Storm Rifle: Functional but not really interesting. A meh weapon.

SAW: Oh this weapon is a complete BEAST! Excellent accuracy and damage output, great ordinance weapon; if you have the opportunity to choose it in your ordinance then choose it! Specially with the extra damage power up it cuts through Spartans like they were paper.

Needler: “Pink -Yoink!- death machine” or “Needler” for the uneducated. It just destroys people in seconds and is pretty well balanced plus, who doesn’t loves to supercombine people? I just love the design in this -Yoink!- thing and it is really powerful.
It would be my favorite if it had more ammo but sacrifices had to be made for balance’s sake.

UNSC Turret: I was surprised by how good I am using the Turret in this game. It is pretty well rounded and is fun to use but I don’t have a lot to say about this big boy aside from that.

Plasma Cannon: Kind of weak but I haven’t had the opportunity to use it as much as the other weapons so i don’t really know for sure. I also like the design in this gun but I will have to use it more to see what is it capable of.