Which is better, earning or buying Armour?

Just seen a few topics out there stating it. In my own opinion, I’d prefer a mix. With every rank up, I would like confirmed helmets/armor in a REQ pack. Say I reach Spartan Rank 23, I would like to be guaranteed Recon set.

Since I do not know anyone that has got to this rank, I am not sure if this is the system. I could be totally wrong and this is the system, in which case, GG 343i.

Legendary Armour, mistake they did for this one is that they did not make Chiefs and Locke’s Helmet Legendary Achievement helmets. I agree with the squad members as being random, however they should of allowed us to earn the Helmets in this way. Just a thing that bugs me like it did in Reach.

If I am wrong about anything above, my fault, just thought I post this and see what I got.

Each to his own. Some like the thrill of the rng. Some like knowing what is needed for a specific set.

Earning, You actually feel like you have worked and been rewarded for something.

Earning. The Reach system was perfect for me. Every time you rank up you unlock new armors… But you also get a preview of whats available at the next rank. It keeps you going. You never see all what’s available, so it’s always a mystery. And will make you go: “Oh -Yoink- what’s next?” and when playing against higher ranked people I always inspected their Spartans… And went like: “Shiiiit that armor is fiiiine.” and it gave me incentive to keep playing.

Whether you played for 600hrs or paid $600, it’s up to you.

Earning is definitely better, in my opinion. I’ve picked up a few bits from Gold packs and that is nice, but I’d like to see some armour given out every ten ranks you level up.

Earning armor actually feels rewarding. Like in halo 3, if you beat all the levels on legendary, you unlock EOD armor.

Does anyone know if each spartan rank pack contains the same armor set each time for each player?

Wish they would allow both options. I’d rather be able to earn a specific set that I want but don’t mind the nice surprise of getting something epic I wasn’t expecting.

Not allowing us to earn them and making them purely RNG from REQ packs is just a way of forcing people into spending more $ on the micro transactions :confused:

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I’d like a bit of both, alow me to elaborate.
Like you said, when you get to a certain rank you would get an armour like recon, now you would unlock that base armour just by getting to that rank but you could also buy attachments for that armour like in reach. i also like having to achieve something to unlock armour like the armor in Halo 3

I like more earning them.

I wouldn’t mind a system where you could actually buy (with req points or cash) the specific armor sets I want rather than it be random. But then again if that were to happen who is to say that it would take longer to gain that many points for the unlock. The one positive with the system we have now is that when you get silver or gold we are getting two permanents and it does not take long to earn points for these packages. The disadvantage is trying to get that one armor set, assassination, stance, or whatever it is you want unlocked.


I feel like I’ve earned all my armour/weapons/skins as I don’t buy the req packs with anything other than points earned in-game.
Thats said there should be more packs earned from performing specific challenges/commendations that will give you a specific item like a weapon skin, helmet or visor etc
If people want to spend their cash its up to them, I get that not everyone has the time or patience to grind for req points. For me Its just a case of refusing to give money to microtransactions.

I just think mythic items should be required by req points and not micro transactions. But then again, people could spend money to get all the other items, and save up points to buy gold packs themselves

I liked Reach’s system the best. You unlock and then buy the armor, then additions to the armor. You have to level up to a certain point to unlock the ability to purchase it. You’re garunteed your armor in Reach, not through a long RNG grind like Halo 5. And armor skins, meh, I preferred the different attachments. Preset loadouts were less stressful than saving up points to buy a req pack to hope and pray to get your first DMR or a legendary piece of armor but only get a Recon AR with a silencer.

Earning…and who the hell necroposted this thread?


I like a little bit of both, but I would prefer a credit system like we had in Reach.
Also, I would like to earn armor/emblems for my spartan by earning achievements.