Which Helmets Do you miss?

I miss security. However Operator looks like it, but not even close.


me two… and cancel symbol

i miss pilot and hayabusa

Mark V, why the hell they left that out I don’t think I’ll ever understand…

I’m fairly certain the only reason they put Mark VI in was to cater to RvB.

Mark V, Security and ODST

I miss my Security as well…

Mk. V

I miss the Mark V, Pilot, and the original Rogue helm from Halo 3.

-Yoink- 343i for not putting in Mark 5!

I realy miss my ODST armor set :’{

Mk V and ODST for me.

As for ones that I thought would be in there and instead weren’t…the FUD Master Chief armor? I mean the movie was tied to the game, was kinda hoping to see the suit as a special bonus or something.

CQB+^^+ S023-Daisy is my fav Spartan after all+^^+

Recon :frowning:

oh wait.

I like a lot of the new ones, but mark v, noble head, georges, junes, cqb cqc but more importantly odst, im hoping theyll make more specializations as dlc though even if its slightly differed abilitys.

Security and operator look almost identical. They aren’t any more different than any of the other helmets that actually did get remade for Halo 4.

Security, Hayabusa, the original Gungnir, and the original helmet used by Emile in Reach. Not the little mock up in Halo 4.

More than anything else, I miss the shoulder pads. They’re all so small! I loved the shoulder pads in Reach. In halo 4, however, they all look like something a level 10 would wear.

I know it doesn’t matter one bit, but -Yoink!- having your spartan look like a bada** is part of the reason why I look forward to levling up.

odst and mark v
i really want my odst helmet again

Mark V, and Hayabusa. Why not even include the classics?

I miss grenadier, gungnir 3rd upgrade, security 2nd upgrade and of course my haunted helmet.

I miss Pilot the most. That thing was like my identity. I also miss the ODST set.