Which has been your most enjoyable game?Why?

So yeah, tell me about your most enjoyable game.

My most enjoyable game was on Fort D.

My team had a Captain C., Anders, Prophet.
Enemy had Forge, Forge, Captain C.

First 20 minutes of the game there was no action, no-one rushed, and we spent our time building up resources and researching upgrades.

At 25mins we took the middle and turtled, but they broke through.
We defended with success.

Then the cluster -Yoink- began.
They pushed through the middle and to left side, we didn’t have the right units do defend our bases so we pushed though our right side, in the end we ended up switching bases.

They tried to come after us but we bombarded them with our leader powers, so they were forced to retreat, we rebuild our bases again their side, and they, on our.

So for the rest 12 hours of the game, we traded sides for about 16 times, and had a lot of direct contacts in the middle. At one point the forge got 14 star tanks and started to push up back, a lot.

The game ended with me emping the living crap out of his tanks and destroying them.

Then we pushed them back to their bases and killed them.

My most enjoyable game in my entire halo wars career. After the game i was so happy, that even my faith in halo wars n00bs was restored.

This game set my opinion that rushing is trash, because with rushing, i no longer went past 20 minutes, ether my enemy resigned when their rush failed, or we killed them with our rush.

Unless I’m planning on super turtling anything over 3 hours is a complete drag. At 4 hours I’d probably be done, because it’s just dragging out way too long, but 12 is just crazy. As far as rushing goes, get used to it. Rushing is part of the game, and is used frequently by anyone who is good. The BKs who resign after you defend their rush are a joke, and aren’t doing it right.

As far as my most enjoyable game, most games that are close or at least not a total blowout are always pretty enjoyable. As far as my best game I find it hard to limit it to one, my favorites are typically when I’m playing someone above my skill level and it turns into a really a good game even though they are better. If I end up winning it becomes even better.


The above was fun because of how much went wrong for us. I thought the game was pretty much over, but Aero pushed on our UNSC wasted cannys on the base allowing me to kill all 5 of his tanks with my arbiter which is what won the game.


The above is only up there since this and a few toher game is what started his downward spiral in 2s, sending him from a 50 to a 46(?). The game itself was good, but it really just turned into us playing very defensively until we had all the tech we wanted. I built primarily vamps just to neutralize air, and the Cutters just matched each other on tanks. In the end we win because we have an arby to their chieftain and my Cutter dropped a better MAC at the end of the game.


This one is nice because me and my partner were firing on all cylinders the whole game, and mostly everything went as well as it could go. Limitz tried to do a late grunt rush on my base which while it did some damage, wasn’t worth it since we already had tanks. My anders out tanked their cutter pretty hard and I had air lead virtually the whole game, which helped contribute in the tanks fight since cutter started mixing in wolverines to kill my vamps.