Which Halo OST is your favorite? (Not ODST, OST.)

My favorite is Halo 2 Anniversary, but Halo 3 ODST’s theme song was pretty fantastic. I also loved Halo 4’s Forerunner-ish music. Halo 3 was my least favorite. Halo CE and Reach were both really fantastic too.

Definitly halo 2 back in the day the soundtrack was my favorite cd. Can’t bet a breaking Benjamin song And the remaster soundtrack is even better

I love them all, but I’m gonna have to go with Halo 3. Included most of the original soundtracks, with new ones. I love Halo 4’s sound track, too though!

the original, classic Halo 2 soundtrack

Halo 2

For me its close, I really liked H4 especially the songs revival and 117, but H3, H1, and Reach were also good.

It’s a tie between Halo 2 Anniversary (oh, the glorious brass), Reach, and ODST. But I also really liked the mysterious sound of Halo Wars. Gah! They’re all great!

I liked the Halo 4 OST.

Halo 2A’s Mjolnir Scorpion Mix was godly with its epic brass. Overall, Halo 2A still had the best soundtrack.

Halo 3 ODST. Loved that soundtrack. It really added to the atmosphere of the game.

Halo 2’s OST has most of my favorite songs in the franchise.

Halo Ce and Halo 3 were also amazing, but they don’t have as many of my favorites compared to Halo 2. A lot of Halo 3’s OST was just remakes of songs from the first two games anyways, but then again I feel a lot of those remakes were improvements or at least equally as good. Halo Reborn and Under Cover of Night are both great.

Halo Reach has some amazing orchesta pieces like Overture and Winter Contingency, but I don’t care about the electronic music at all.

I can’t pick just one of the above. Too difficult of a decision.

Halo ODST has a few good songs. Not that special for me.
Halo 4’s OST is by far my least favorite.