Which halo is better

In my opinion bungie halo is better because they did’nt try to make the games more like COD to compete against destany. although when came to halo 3 they focesed on the multplayer over the story and they should’t have

Bungie’s Halo games. It’s not even a competition and if it were, Bungie would win by a landslide

They both have their pros and cons

The Bungie games had far superior storylines, the art style was more original, the multiplayer was fun.

343 is really bringing Halo into the modern age with multiplayer on a scale we haven’t seen before. However the story has taken a nose dive in quality and the new art style is inferior.

If I had to choose I’d choose the Bungie Halos but I do like 343’s take as a whole.

Bungie revolutionized the industry, so it is hard to compare. Even if they did focus more on multiplayer in H3 than story, the story in H3 was still better than H4 or H5

I agree halo 3 was witten better than the new ones

i am a fan of the franchise, however, for me, it will always be CE.

that is where it started for me.

The multplayr for CE was very fun to play


EVERYTHING is CE was very fun to play!
and only the OG’s will know what game was also fun to play on the CE disc.

bungie halos had better music halo 3 wish’s it haz halo 2 theme and Halo CE Wish’s it had arby n the chief season 6 theme as its own