Which Halo has the biggest multiplayer community?

Hey guys,

I wanna know which Halo I should go all in on. Halo Reach or Halo 4. I have pretty high-ranked characters on both but which of these games have most players playing it? And which one do you think will hold when Halo 5 comes out? I dont wanna spend a lot of time ranking up a character if no one is going to play the game anymore.

I’m not sure about which game has the biggest community right now, but I personally think the biggest in the past was Halo 3, me and my friends used to finish college and play online every single day for a year, and I don’t think we came across the same player twice.
As for Reach or 4, I reckon Reach.

Ah okey, thanks for the answer. I’ve never given Halo 3 a chance, except from the campaign.
Is it possible to see how many people who are active in both games? And I dont refer to when you start the game and see who many that plays a certain mode at a specific time, but how many active players there are over all time?