Which Halo had the best Campaign story?

  • HALO C.E- HALO 2- HALO 3- HALO 3 ODST- HALO REACH- HALO 4- HALO WARS (if you want)

Halos 4 and 3. Though I absolutely loved Halo Reach’s ending, even though the game’s story itself was a canonical cluster -Yoink-.

Halo CE is just in a class of its own.

I loved all the game stories…

Halo CE to 3 have that classic vibe to it’s stories that can’t be beat.

Halo 4, ODST and Halo Wars did a great job expanding the Halo Universe.

Halo Reach was probably the weakest to me, partly because you didn’t feel like a squad the whole time (and Carter says no lone wolf stuff, which I find ironic because I was alone the majority of the time).

2 or reach.

I loved Reach ^.^

CE simply because it was my first
4 comes up next. It could have been in first place if they had explained the didact-librarian thing in a way that didn’t require you to access all the terminals and read everything from the expanded universe.

With all the Reach love here, i should probably replay that game. i remember being underwhelmed by the whole Reach experience. Maybe its clouded by my experience with MP though because i thought it was dreadful.

Loved them all!

My vote goes to Reach !

Cool how when you need the squad the most (Legendary) they actually can help you take down an opponent or 2 to aid in survival to the next save.

I liked CE, and have recently begun replaying it. I really am having nostalgia, the setting just feels so… Right when I play it!