Which Halo games had the best in character detail?

Appearance wise? Like, which had the best looking elites, best looking marines, master chief etc. Be it vehicles or Avery Johnson, pretty much anything.

I find that Halo 1 Anniversary had the best models for elites. Halo Wars had the best Mark V Spartan look. Halo Reach Brutes looked freaky to me!!!

It differs for all for me. H2A had the best Sangheili, Halo 4 has the best Chief, Halo 4 has the best Marines… I think 343i’s designs are the best so far. I don’t like their multiplayer armor or their Sangheili mandible designs so much, but they do a pretty great job with the other character models.

Halo 3 marines/ODSTs, Reach marines were more of today’s military look which was also cool. Halo 3 spartans, H2A elites/or Reach.