Which halo book is this?

I read this Halo book back when I was like 12, and I can’t seem to remember the title of it, the general plot line, or the author. The only things I remember was that there were a few scenes of marines becoming infected by Flood parasites or similar creatures, and and the narrator was talking about how the marine, once infected, was totally unintelligible and very aggressive.

The other thing I remember was that whenever a ship or a population would explode/die, the author would describe it something like “and then the ship ceased to exist”, or “they ceased to exist” or something like that.

I don’t think I’ve read “The Flood” by Dietz, but I’m not 100% sure about that because I read the Halo books 10 years ago. I know I have definitely read The Fall of Reach and First Strike. I just finished Fall of Reach and know now that that is not the book in which I am describing, which really leaves First Strike, but, again, I’m not exactly sure if I’ve read the Flood or not.

Any ideas guys? I really wanna find this book because I remember liking it.

That’s definitely The Flood, by Dietz. There was no other book about the Flood at that time.

Definitely The Flood. I believe who you were talking about was Jenkins btw, quite sure. And the basic plotline of that would be… Halo: CE. For like half of it at least, a lot of other stuff goes along.

Gah, you guys are right! Well done. I just searched the terms “ceased to exist” in The Flood and it came up multiple times in the right contexts. Haha, brilliant! Thanks for the feedback.