Which Halo Art Style was better?

Another user on the forum advised me to post my poll here in Halo Infinite instead of the Community section of Waypoint, seeing as more users actually go and post in the Games section of the forum.

A simple question really:
Which Halo Art Style is better?
The original Bungie style of Halo and the new Neo-Classic art style of Halo Wars 2 and Halo Infinite?
Halo 4, Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer, Halo Online, and Halo 5 Guardians’ art style?

This was spawned from an argument in regards to player cosmetics, but I also want to see what the fandom itself thinks about the depiction of Halo overall.
We already had our established look and visuals for the series over a decade, and even when rendering qualities improved, the style of the franchise stayed close to the original source appearance.
Then Halo 4 came around with the overcomplicated designs of Halo’s universe and things became strange and abnormal.
And yet there are fans out there of the style of Halo from 2012 to 2016.

So I want to know definitively what the majority of the fanbase truly wants Halo to look like.

Classic / Neo-Classic style
H4/H5/HOnline/H2A Multiplayer art style.

Vote below if you would please.

  • Classic / Neo-Classic style of Halo CE, H2, H3, Wars, H3 ODST, Reach, Wars 2, & Infinite
  • Early 2010s style of H4, H2 Anniversary MP, H5 Guardians, & H Online

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4/5 artstyle is just too busy and convoluted and less appealing in my opinion. The silhouette of a character is everything and 4/5 is just too much. I mean heck, if you want pointless details, they added brail to Chief’s chest. Nothing worng with brail but why would it even need to be there? XD The original artstyle is simple and iconic. Don’t get me wrong, not everything is bad in the 4/5 artstyle, I quite like the warthog and AR. But there’s a reason many cheered when the original artstyle came back.


I honestly do not understand the need for an art style change.

If anything it was a waste of time and resources having to redesign 99% of the world’s established designs and make new ones.
The stuff that wasn’t redesigned was ported over and updated from Reach.

  • The Scorpion
  • The Mounted Machine Gun Turret

Everything else was made to look different. Which was a waste of money and time.

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Essentially when 343 took over they said it’s now their Halo, even said so in vidocs and interviews I’m pretty sure. They just wanted to get away from everything Bungie and just make it their thing.

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didnt notice it at the time, but h5’s artstyle is genuinely displeasing. i can replay h4 and it looks fine but idk what exactly it is about looking at h5 that i dislike so much. anyways, og artstyle is king. there was a way to create their new vison of halo and have it emerge organically, (h4 exactly as it was except for leaving chief’s armor as h3 mk6 and leave the br design alone and no one would have cared. they could have left chief in space and began a new story starring the spartans4s they so wanted to ever shadow the series with.) but they chose not to do that and instead shoehorn their new garbage in place of the old, really making the point that they didnt want to build on halo and create a lasting legacy but that they just wanted to take over someone else’s already successful work. hw2 on the other hand was gorgeous. and all was well going into infinite.

tldr: using their new artstyle could have been better accepted had they used it show the passage of time instead of trying to change and eliminate bungie’s footprint.

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Oh I remember.

The Sin of Pride.

Of the few who remained to stay behind to take on promotions and office, unworthy of their newfound chairs at the executive level.
The power they abused to retcon and alter.
To morph Halo from the paragon of arena shooters to be just another sci-fi shooter fighting in the dust among the rest.

mmmm halo 2 mk6… simple, clean, futuristic, iconic, beautiful.

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yea, thats probably the best way to describe 343 era halo, generic and forgettable. except hw2, that one was lowkey fire.

There is a beauty in keeping things simple.
A realism to it.
Excessive extra shapes and 2D details lead to more work-hours being put into render the thing.
And in a realistic sense if one were to craft the actual armor in question, it would take more time to meticulously paint the paintjob and craft the shape of it all.

Hence why it is in the Neo-Classic category.

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thats facts, always thought this but never made the connection that thats why some armors look so good and others are forgettable. like star wars armors, mandos, clones, stormtroopers, sith like revan and vader. all iconic and recognizable in their own right. samus from metroid, simple, smooth, iconic.

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And Halo 3’s is just that with better graphics. They actually kept the same amrour rather than magic nanobots (Insert Senator Armstrong Quote Here.) of Halo 3 to Halo 4 armour swap.

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Personally, my favourite style of Halo is the Reach design. I love the more nitty gritty and realistic look yet still keeping it sci-fi and it still feels exactly like Halo.


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