Which Halo 5 VISR is canon for ODST's?

All the VISR’s in Halo 5 have some interesting canon tidbits, and I was wondering if any of them are the standard for ODST’s. It’s the 10 year anniversary for Halo 3:ODST and I want to deck my Spartan out with Helljumper gear.

I know the Rookie’s VISR was a dark blue, but I’m not sure which to use.

Doesnt look like there’s a standard one for ODSTs among the Spartan VISRs honestly but you could probably use Bucks, which is probably close. Not sure which one THAT is tho

Personally, I like to use Expedition. But I have seen like 3 main ones: midnight, wildhunt, and frost.

I would say you could use anything Dark Blue, Silver, Black or Tinted as a visor for an ODST. I remember the Helljumpers having an almost silver tint originally, then you had black or dark blue; but I could see them using other colors. I mean, they paint their armor at times, so why not requisition a visor lens for either practical use or functional use?

I think you could safely use almost any darker shade or silver and it would be safe to hear of an ODST using it. No pinks, bright greens, oranges, golds or bright colors.