Which halo 2 level did you play/enjoy most?

You wouldn’t believe the amount of times i replayed halo 2’s campaign. that said there was always one level i always played which was Gravemind. As much as I loved the other levels i couldn’t help but keep playing this one.

Its the amount of dialogue in the level and the great betrayal that i liked.

What about you, what was your favourite level? why?

I really liked Delta Halo. The environment was awesome, and exploring ancient ruins was a blast. Also, there was some vehicle combat so that made it even better. Dropping in in an ODST pod was awesome too.

I really can’t say. I loved Cairo Station, Outskirts, Metropolis, The Arbiter, The Oracle, Delta Halo, Regret, Sacred Icon, Quarantine Zone, Gravemind, Uprising, High Charity, and The Great Journey. They each have their charms.

I played Cairo Station the absolute most. I like the Space stuff a lot!

I enjoyed Quarantine Zone the most though, but too many damn Vehicles being controlled by Flood.

Outskirts and Quarantine Zone. OS had the Scarab gun that was a challenge to get and QZ was big and full of overlapping maps. Plus I liked the unlimited Ghost spawn.

These are levels I played more than the others but all the other levels were awesome too.

My favorite would be Outskirts. It was our first look at Earth in the Halo universe and it had numerous Easter eggs that were thoroughly enjoyed.

Cairo Station, The Arbiter, and Great Journey.

CS LASO is something everyone should try out. It’s the perfect LASO beginner level since it’s all about cqc. Also, CS is arguably one of the more intense LASO levels.

Nearly all of the Heretics on The Arbiter that spawn at the end of the hangar battle and onwards will try to regroup with Sesa if given the chance. Lots of carnage.

GJ has an army of Elites. Enough said. An army of Johnsons would be difficult to manage since they push everything away from them (with disastrous results) and cannot be moved except in a vehicle. Whereas an army of Elites can pilot Banshees, be moved (to engage Tartarus), and are customizable. You can also fight them alongside Johnson (might need overshields). And of course, you can bring most friendly AI you link up with to the control room.

So there you go. 2 AI collections I personally discovered and developed (excluding the bringing all the allies to the control room) and a badass level.

Delta Halo, Regret, and Gravemind. But I think the one that is by far the best is Uprising. Uprising is the best because the Elites are fighting the Brutes.

I like the last 7 levels… IMO they are the worst but they always feel new to me as I’ve played the first 4-8 missions a good 40 times. I’ve only played the last half of the campaign levels maybe 3 times at most.

Regret, Uprising, and Great Journey.

I love killing the Prophet of Regret and the Honor Guards. I also like fighting alongside the Grunts and Elites in Uprising. Especially the Zealot. My overall Favorite is Great Journey, because of the Hunters, Councilors, Tartarus fight, and elite armies.

I’d have to say either Quarantine Zone or Uprising. The artwork was absolutely fantastic, and I’m all for the vehicle gameplay on that map. Made it challenging.

> I really liked Delta Halo. The environment was awesome, and exploring ancient ruins was a blast. Also, there was some vehicle combat so that made it even better. Dropping in in an ODST pod was awesome too.

Delta Halo was my favorite as well. I loved the variety of combat and especially the music in that level.

Metropolis and Uprising, followed by Regret & Quarantine Zone

Cairo Station, Outskirts, Arbiter, Sacred Icon, Gravemind, Great Journey.

Cairo Station: Because, as Elites say: “I love close combat!”

Outskirsts: I love the look and feel of the town. Getting on the rooftops was fun, too.

Arbiter: I love everything about Elites, so naturally I love the first mission playable as Thel. The Heretics were pushovers when it came to melee, though, so the mission was a bit easy. :frowning:

Sacred Icon: This mission really scared me when I first played it. Because of the one BSP that was fogged up and swarming with Flood. The Enforcers were an interesting fight.

Gravemind: First time fighting Brutes. In the game they’re actually a challenge in. I loved traveling through High Charity. The mission’s lentgh often gets to me, though.

Great Journey: This mission had great vehicle combat, didn’t seem like a great defensive force for something so signifigant, but it was fun. I enjoyed unleashing the Councilors on the unsuspecting Brutes.

I liked Cairo station and high charity.but I thought they was all very good.

I always enjoyed playing the two missions at the beginning of the game on earth but Delta Halo was also a favorite with it’s music and overall size and impact on the game.

Man, that’s a hard one. Mine would have to be Outskirts, Metropolis, and Uprising.

Uprising! I love the Covie Civil War. Just so much chaos, and hearing Truth speak over the COM like the propaganda officer in the H3: ODST audio logs made for an intense environment.

Metropolis, Delta Halo, and Quarantine Zone respectively.

I hope 343 is truly taking the Halo 2 ‘remake’ notion seriously, good on ya Frank O’Connor!

My absolute favourite levels were everything from Mission 6 “The Arbiter” to Mission 11 “Quarantine Zone”

My God… those were some of the best missions in the franchise to date, in my opinion.