Which H3 maps would you like to see in H4?

Given the immense popularity of Ragnarok (it has an almost 100% pick record in all of the lobbies I’ve been in)… which other maps would the community like to see return in Halo 4?

Whilst I can appreciate that this is a new game and as such requires new maps, I think the majority of Halo fans will agree that one of the things 3 did so well was the maps. Guardian, Construct, The Pit and Narrows were amazing MLG maps, even the forged variants (Amplified and Onslaught) felt really nice! Last Resort, Valhalla and Sandtrap(-box) were awesome for big team Big Team too.

Maybe if 343 intend to re-introduce any of these, they could first conduct an online community-wide poll to see which is the most popular?

High Ground and Last Resort

None, they weren’t great at all…

I would like to see “The Pit” or “Guardian” as well as “Long shore” get remade. It could be interesting to see how they would play out with Sprint and all the armor abilities though.


I would like to see 343 do their job and create some new and good competitive maps. We already have like 6 BTB maps so I think it would be a good time to give us some smaller maps.

The Pit
Last Resort