Which Gametypes would you like to see in Infinite?

Since there’s limited Gametypes to play, and 343 releases new ones periodically; which new or old gametypes would you play if they were added to the matchmaking list?

I know many people want Griffball, or zombies. But I would like to see Ricochet and Big Team ViP. I always loved the ball movement, being able to pass the ball in Ricochet. It felt to me like a mix between football and basketball with guns… Always exhilarating.

Infection, firefight, floodfight, invasion, husky raid, castle wars and grifball. Those are some of my wishes.


Big Team Heavies
Big Team Fiesta
Team Regicide
Action Sack
Invasion ( Hopefully when elites finally return)


I would like to see all the remaining missing ones that I used to play in Halo CE. Those would be:

  • Infection/Zombies
  • Classic KotH
  • Race

Although, with the current lame vehicles that can’t even climb a pavement, I fear that Race would be underwhelming.

Oh yes I forgot about Extraction. Great game forces you to attack/defend in different areas of the map. It got pretty hairy in big team, but I loved it. Those split second saves on the beacon

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Anything PvE. ​ ​ ​ ​

Yeah especially when its a race to get the last point and becomes chaotic with both teams pushing one spot


True, I’ve had a few of those epic games


20 chars 20 chars

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I mainly want a multi team playlist like 2v2v2v2 slayer/oddball/koth

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Assault is in this game and will be shifted through matchmaking in time I’m guessing, but there are achievement medals for planting bombs, so…

I think we definitely need a Team Skirmish (only objective), since we are starting to lose good Gametype playlists like Hill. It’s ridiculous we don’t have the server space for more playlists, but this was all solved in the previous games by having playlists offering a variety of different matches. Like slayer could have a 1 hand guns varient (offering all the pistols instead of rifles and heavies)… Idk why every playlist is so bland, but it seems people complain so much in previous games that simple things work the best.

Also I loved multi team in H3, and would believe it would be fun even in a bigger scenario like a bunch of teams of 4 or a bunch of 6 player teams on a big team battle map.

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Here’s a H5 throwback for anyone who remembers…

“Can we have assault please?.. :confused:
-Me, 2015
-Also me, 2022

Warzone and Husky Raid please

Multi team
Ranked team slayer
Some classic maps would be good, lockout, ivory tower etc

Big team action sack.

None, I rather have forge world right now and make my own maps because so far 343 has shown whoever is working on the game modes/maps has never played Halo.

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How about a Classic Games Mode! 2 teams ONLY! :woozy_face:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

exact the ones , flood/infection and grifball, and big team heavies and race with mongooses

Game mode that smashes Battle Royale, Firefight and Warzone into a massive open-world map with multiple Spartan teams competing for constantly changing tactical objectives. Objectives surround things like FOBs and seizing control of different zones or hoarding of Forerunner relics. Allow the player to optionally play as an allied Elite (Sangheili) or even entire teams. Players are bots leveled to player levels if a match can’t be found or if a player wants to solo the map. Players spawn into the map by pod from a drop ship. Dynamically driven enemy events like invasion driving PvPvE experiences. Enemy events happen at massive scales with reinforcements dropping in all over the map by drop ship or emerging from underground bases. Throw in Banished, Endless and terrifying Flood infection events. Waves of enemies in open battles and invasions and objectives like storm the the Banished citadel/spire or defeat the scarab and destroy the scarab factory. Infection events require players and even competing teams to neutralize a Flood infestation site and initiate some self-destruct sequence to the facility. Different variations of this game type and custom games to change enemy types, objectives and teams

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I like it, kinda like Destiny open world