Which game had the toughest Legendary Campaign?

I’ve been wondering your opinion, and I decided to see what you guys think was the most difficult Legendary campaign. So, which one?

I never played Halo CE or Halo2 on legendary since I started with Halo 3. I just played the first two for the story. Having said that, Halo 3 was more difficult than ODST or Reach on legendary. The main reasons for this are the firefight with the first wraith on Tsavo Highway, and the mission Cortana.

The most difficult parts or Reach I thought were the last couple firefights on Nightfall and the last firefight on PoA. Both of which I think are easier than the two areas I mentioned above.

ODST had no difficult parts.

All of my opinions are for Solo Legendary as Co-op makes all of them fairly simple.

Halo 2 was by far the hardest, followed by CE, Reach, Wars, 3 and ODST. Halo 2 had too many points that were just annoying, and not fun at all. Wars was unfair because the AI could do everything better, but after a try or two you knew what the AI would do. The others (exept ODST, easiest “hardest” difficulty I’ve ever played) had some difficult parts, but none that made me want to quit.

Halo 2 was quite challenging in parts, especially as the Snipers would shoot you almost as soon as you were visible and killed you in one shot no matter where they hit you. I wouldn’t say Halo 2 was necessarily the hardest campaign, but it did have the steepest learning curve. If you weren’t patient or undervalued the plasma pistol then even passing the first level was virtually impossible.

Reach on Legendary was insanely easy. Sadly, it was the first Halo game I was able to finish on Legendary. Almost made it with Halo 2, but I wasn’t able to finish due to redeployment back to the states.

I don’t think I ever tried Halo 3 on Legendary. Maybe once or twice. I was all about the MM with that game anyway. ODST I did on Legendary for a couple of missions. I never completed the ODST campaign on any difficulty, I should go back and see if I can. Halo CE was tough for me because of trying to get used to using a controller again after playing FPS with a keyboard and mouse for so many years.

I’m not a good resource for an opinion here. lol

I’d have to say CE. No question.

Combat evolved, Reach was the easiest.

This is my opinion of the Hardest to easiest Halo 2, Halo CE, Wars,Reach, 3, ODST.

ODST is far the easiest campaign ever.

Halo 3 was pretty easy but still had a challenge.

Halo Reach although is very challenging when you actually stay and fight all the enemies but, do to a lot of tactic/exploits to skip through the levels with ease. With that it makes it kinda easy.

Halo Wars was challenging but do to the fact that you could save at any point made it a lot easier.

Halo CE was a great challenge but levels like PoA, 343 GS, Library, The Maw were easier.

Halo 2 was the hardest for me because of the damage of what the covies could do to you with there awesome snipers, 50x shield genorators etc. made me go insane. Sure there were exploits to skip entire fights but still you had points that you can’t escape and must fight. The flood levels though were very easy.

I have played all the Halos, and I say that Reach is the hardest. The hunters are extremely smart, and they can kill you even when you peak around the corners. You can always use the noob combo on elites, but that is hard too when there are like 20 in one area.

Did the pillar of autumn… only died once by a grunt who stuck a plasma grenade. The plasma weapons are scary.

Halo 2 (pc), I couldnt do it :frowning: I couldnt kill the prophet, I even managed to get to the prophet with a load of decent weapons. I think a full sniper rifle, 6 Rockets, a shot gun and even a fusion gun!!!

On the other hand my finest moment was still saving all the marines on the second level on ledgendary :slight_smile: no easy task I can tell you! in the end I had to directly assault the last 2/3 dropships one after another, there wasnt even time to let my shields recharge in between. It was a epic gaming moment, and all the marines survived :slight_smile:

I thought Halo CE was pretty tough on Legendary especially surviving the assault on the Covenant Ship. Invisible Sword Elite make me sad. Reach has some pretty frustrating moments. The worst one for me was Halo 3 and the Brute Chieftains in the garage. I had no weapons and a single red bar. It was a frustrating afternoon.

It didn’t go very well after the pillar of autumn. Just for speed I’m doing it on easy so I can read the book too. I believe I’m good in close range combat in enclosed spaces.

omg. ce is is just down right impossible. I got every other without trying.

I’d have to say going it solo.

Halo 2 was probably the hardest on legendary. The Jackals were RIDICULOUS!!!

I can beat Combat Evolved on legendary in my sleep… I think I ran through that campaign on legendary probably 100+ times. Library and Assault on the control room FTW!!!

Reach was pretty hard, but once you got used to the new parts it wasn’t. Still the same for elites. Combo ftw!
H3 was alright on difficulty but I would rank it as 3rd

Hardest = H2
Reach = Easiest

I’d say that Halo 2 was the hardest LEgendary, no doubt. Reach is a good second. The far easiest was ODST.

Halo 2, definitely. You had to play smart to get anywhere in it.

H2 or CE i think. CE was ridiculous. I played it again on legendary recently and i couldn’t get anywhere. Im useless without a decent precision weapon!