Which game had the best Magnum?

  • Halo CE
  • Halo 3
  • Halo Reach
  • Halo 5

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Why is this even a poll. Everyone knows Halo CE has the best pistol and it’s not even close


why would anyone pick a pistol that can’t 1 shot a hunter on legendary?

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I intended to get opinions multiplayer wise.

Yeahhh I’mma have to side with the Halo CE pistol, that thing was genuinely busted. If the BR was never invented people would be begging for magnum meta instead.

1, 5, 4, Reach, Infinite, 3, 2, ODST. It was such a jarring change of pace to have the pistol be an actual sidearm instead of a powerhouse. Probably cost me a few matches before I started using my head :wink:

I mean, Infinite’s feels the best balance wise. Halo: CE if we’re talking about raw damage. Closely followed by Halo 5.

Why is ODSTs the worst? It was literally an essential gun to carry in that game

I liked odst’s magnum but it does pretty poorly against shields. Probably why it’s ranked so low.

It has Zero use outside of headshots. Too niche of a weapon to be considered versatile.

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I chose Halo 5 only because I could aim better with it than 1. If my skill was independent of my choice, obviously Halo 1.

Being a headshot weapon doesn’t make it “niche”, especially when it’s one of the only headshot weapons in the game.

It’s ineffective against Energy shields, Jackal shields, vehicles, armor and even just plain enemies if you can’t nail the headshot. It’s niche in that it ONLY serves to cleanup enemies. Everything leading up to that point is entirely dependent on how you play the game an if they had actually given us the Battle rifle or made Carbines more readily available, we wouldn’t bother with the pistol at all.

The carbine existed and was still a very good gun in ODST. You only carried around an auto mag to clean up grunts (a thing literally any gun can do but a per bullet basis its not as much of a waste) or unarmored brutes (which requires a 2nd gun to do the stripping so you’re noob comboing away until you encounter a hunter or something and you just weep to yourself).

“If it took more than 1 Shot, you weren’t using a Jakobs”

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