Which game do we all love?

Go on, answer the poll!

Now stop arguing. Halo 4 is gonna be pro!

Well that poll was highly sarcastic…
Obviously we love Halo, but why are you bashing assassins creed… thats also a great game.

Also, what is the relevance of this post on the Halo 4 page… this should be in polls…

halo on a halo fourm Duuuuuuh

this poll reflects the majority of gamers’ opinions and is completely unbiased.

I love all of those games, with the correct names of course.

Also, this thread is totally un-biased.

ok, switch of topic…
Perks good idea…yes?

Halo is and always will be better than any of those other games.

I love Halo and Yoink-is creed

and Hate Battle N00bs and Call of N00bs … -Yoink- games especially Ea’s Crap

Everyone but Halo. Threads like this give me more reasons why I hate the Halo community.

I love halo and its my favorite game but i also love battlefield and assasins creed isnt that bad. I picked halo but doesnt mean i dont love the other games.