Which first?

i’ll open reqs play warzone then beat the campaign

I need to see what Cief is up to

Im doing the campaign with some friends on release. One of them isn’t much into mp. Plus we love the story.

You can bet I’ll be in multiplayer after we finish that though. Have fun on release and I’ll see ya in the arena in the coming weeks.

Campaign first as always!!!

Grinding that campaign!

Campaign. I’ve waited 3 years to find out what happens to Chief after Halo 4. I’m not going to delay it any longer.

Definitely campaign.

Hands down campaign, I am a fanboy more than I am a weekend warrior.

There is so much hype for Halo 5 Guardians campaign so that first.

I think this is the most asked question on this forum

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The 22nd Battalion TRC

i want to know what happens between Chief and Locke …

Campaign first is a must.

Campaign then Warzone

REQ packs then campaign.

personaly i would do mp but thats just my two cents