Which campaign to play first?

i dont know what campaign to start off with?

Chiefs campaign dose sound exciting iv been waiting a while find out what happend to him also it would be good to play as a SPARTAN-II again, pluse cortana is about to loose her mind.

Spartan ops campaign is new all together we get to play as a team of SPARTAN-IV’s and the enemy could be the covenant aswell as the new enemy and its is suposed to tie with chiefs campaign so it would be kind of like how halo 3 odst tells the sotry of what happend after chief left earth in halo 2, also we can customise our armor like in halo reach with noble 6.

I would go for the proper campaign first. Spartan ops will be good but it’s going to be slowly released so if you complete the proper campaign first then you wont have to wait as long for the next section of Spartan ops. Yeah you can customize your spartan, i believe even more so than in Reach.

I’m going be playing the normal campaign first. This is because I’m much more excited to play the normal campaign and see the story. The Spartan Ops missions will be coming out as DLC so I wouldn’t focus too much on this over the normal campaign.

I’m definitely going with the single player campaign first, since that’s the part of the game I’m looking forward to the most.

In plus, Spartan Ops will be released bit by bit as the weeks go by, so you won’t be getting the whole story for a while.

well seeing as the first mission won’t be out for a week, then it’ll be the proper campaign

They said 5 spartan ops missions a week right? It will of course be in a season. Still, I would play through campaign first. Nothing beats the feeling of having extra missions to come home to, that you know you haven’t touched.