Which BTB map remake do you want in Halo 5?

Which is your favorite and which one do you want to see again in the next Halo?

I’m torn between Sandtrap and Forge World 2.0.

BTW, Forge World 2.0 would make a separate Blood Gulch remake unneeded. Unless, of course, they’re going to make a completely new layout for it.

Can you please revote on my other page because this one doesn’t show how many people voted and for which things.

Last Resort, obliviously. Best for Objective and Asymmetrical game types.
The other is Standoff, but there would be problems with long range weapons.

  1. Sandtrap with Elephants
  2. Waterworks
  3. Last Reaort (probably the best Halo map ever, but only third because it’s already been remade and it’s definitely not my top BTB map).

Poll fixed.

In the future, don’t create a duplicate thread. Just report the one that’s broken. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I voted the heck out of Last Resort (Zanzibar), Waterworks, and Burial Mounds.