Which assassination is your favorite

What’s the most popular assassination and why? Mines shove it

Got Spin Cycle right now, and I love it.
But honestly, I think the coolest one is Terminal Velocity.

Spin cycle is my favorite but I use terminal velocity for the gore factor.

I’m lovin’ my “Get Low” Assassination (and my rarest one) so far.

Gotta love crushing a Spartan’s neck while snapping their spine at the same time :^)

I love my lawn dart assassination, I have all of them and used terminal velocity for a bit when it came out. But I went back to throwing Spartans on their head fairly quick, it’s the wrestler in me.

Back breaker right now. There is just something satisfying about breaking someone in half on your knee then simply shoving them off. Then when I get lawn dart ill use that.

Oh Snap is my favorite assassination that I’ve gotten so far. I also like Over the Top and A Good Ribing. I also want Spin Cycle… surprised its only uncommon (in my opinion, it should be Rare - Ultra Rare

I like oh snap and liftoff, oh snap for the brutality factor, liftoff just because it’s fun knocking people flying

I’m now using over the top ha I like the “semi-real combat moves”

The one where you suplex them, or the one where you knee them repeatedly in the head before breaking their back. Also I like the one where you sweep their feet out and stab them in the back with the knife.

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> What’s the most popular assassination and why? Mines shove it

Terminal Velocity. For days.

My favorite is Spin Cycle, and I have all assassinations right now. I like it because it’s fast, and very deadly. I just love the two quick stabs and the twirls… it’s just great.

Shove it and Spin Cycle are the most underrated in my opinion because they are just uncommons, but everything happens so quickly.

I use Emile’s Regards

Back Breaker with Spin Cycle at a close second for me.

My favourite assassination is the “back smack”
so quick and efficient it’s beautiful in its simplicity

in my opinion the best assassinations are: stop stabbing yourself, emile’s regards and terminal velocity

Lawn Dart without a doubt.

Get low. I love how casually you just step on his neck.

spin cycle is awesome