Which armor piece(s) do you want in H5?

I’m looking forward to the Mark-V helmet and the Prefect legs/feet. Also for the visor, I want to see blindside.

Want CQB and/or Security back

A twist on Halo 3’s Hayabusa (cliché, I guess by now) xD

Warrior set. Ive loved that armor since the previews for H4.

I know they have Nightfall armor which is a variant of ODST, but it’d still be cool to see an ODST armor set (maybe the Gen 2 from H4?). Besides that the War Master from H4 was one of my favorites. It would also be nice to see Rogue return from H3.

Everything from Halo 3, except Rogue. Replace that with Warrior from Halo 4. Recruit would be cool too. I miss the days when Mark VI was the default though.

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> A twist on Halo 3’s Hayabusa (cliché, I guess by now) xD

That’s Halo 4’s Raider Armor

[Raider Armor (Halo 4)

](http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh198/Magicman10893/fullbody.png)I would love to see Halo 4’s Rouge come back, the helmet wasn’t amazing, but I loved the armor set.

Classic Mark V shipped with the game, not as a latter DLC.

I’d also like some pieces from Reach to return, like the GUNGNIR with the little reticule matching your visor color choice, instead of just plain white like in Halo 4. I’d also like to see buff shoulder pieces like Security.