Whether it be a Warzone do-over or something entirely new, a PvP/PvE combo would be awesome to see in the future!

I’m gonna be honest—I love the concept of Halo 5’s Warzone. In fact, I think that if REQ packs hadn’t taken the forefront, it could’ve been best addition of Halo multiplayer in a long time. Sure, the UI for stock weapons is super clunky; and, as I mentioned before, the REQ packs are horrible. With that being said, I truly think it deserves to be brought back to Infinite… with some type of overhaul, of course.

Everyone loves PvP, right? Halo multiplayer has been a staple of the franchise for a loooooong time. And everyone loves PvE, right? The campaigns and Firefight have always been a blast to play. The two deserve to be blended in some capacity, and I think Warzone is the right way to do that.

If the mode returns, the big change that would need to be implemented is how the REQ system is handled. There cannot, and I cannot stress that CANNOT enough, be any microtransactions here. All REQs need to be available as a player ‘levels up’ through a match. Obviously, there would be some kind of an increased cooldown to prevent spamming power weapons/vehicles. It could still, work, though. I genuinely believe that.

Mini-bosses and scattered enemy AI from the campaign in a large-scale fight against other players is such a cool concept. If 343 doesn’t want to bring back Warzone, they should at least consider a successor. The concept alone is too cool to not capitalize on. Just don’t take that ‘capitalize’ too literally. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would love for Warzone to return. I’d also like a similar mode to Halo Reach’s invasion. Where there are certain sections of the map that you get to depending on if the one team completes the objective or fails.

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warzone, invasion, and firefight must return. Weird 343 didn’t bring those game modes back

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Perhaps, power weapons are dropped by mini-bosses and bosses instead of getting powerful weapons from spawn (via a REQ replacement). This would give players the start of a match dilemma of going after the hostile players immediately as a group or going after the tougher AI for power weapons that then can be used against those hostile players.

Warzone is the reason I go back to play halo 5. Shame it’s not as populated these days.

I’ve recently been getting into Hunt Showdown (a fantastic game, BTW, highly recommend it) and yes, I would love a PvPvE mode like that for Halo Infinite. Create a large, open world map on Halo that you spawn in with a small team, where you have to find and kill Banished HVTs, and you fight other teams of spartans while doing so.

This game desperately needs a PvE aspect.