Where's this damn armor

brought 3 golds packs and nothing

The REQs still have to load in, give it another bit of time.

Maps are loaded in though.

Don’t care for maps lol. Want that br lol

Even if everything is loaded up properly, buying Gold packs does not guarantee that you’ll receive any of the new REQs. The odds of getting anything is nearly the same (aside from a few statistical changes based on overall number of each tier available, etc.), with the exception of the Achilles armor that you have to meet Spartan Company kill commendation requirements to obtain.

Make sure you’re through Bronze and Silver packs first to increase your odds of getting better REQs when you buy Gold!

Weird I dont have any of the REQs on my account should I quit out of my build?

I think the new reqs slowly populate after the update. Maybe by tonight?

This is what happened last update.

I have everything but the new stuff so I’m bound to get it

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> I have everything but the new stuff so I’m bound to get it

…when they’ll pop up in the system, which always needs some time.
sorry dude, but you waisted those 3 gold packs.
patience is a virtue.