Where's the radar in Last Spartan Standing?

Last Spartan Standing pretty desperately needs radar. It’s a bad enough gametype as it is without also having your senses shut off. You’re just flying in blind everywhere you go and getting punched in the back most of the time in any tight spaces.


Radar would be just another huge W handed to the campers lmao. Bad idea


There’s another radar you can use; it’s called “your eyes” and “your ears”.

That, and changing the audio mix from compressed to dynamic while also reducing the volume of the noisy and more unnecessary sounds so you can hear footsteps better. That helped a lot too.


I like radar. Too much work otherwise.

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Bruh radar is anti-camping.

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Bruh you can only look one direction at a time and sound is dependent on hardware.

The entire point of the radar since the beginning of Halo is to compensate for the fact that you only have two senses in game and one of them is compromised by what quality hardware you have, mixing, and developer generosity to sound design.


No it doesn’t, not at all.

Learn to actually find players locations by listening to what’s going on around you.

You don’t show up on radar if your not moving or moving slowly lol.


Listening only tells you someone is in your area, it doesn’t tell you direction it just makes you have to wildly look around to try to find them before they punch you in the back, or you mistakenly find them and they get punched in the back by you, it’s braindead. It encourages camping by making it safer to sit in one spot than move around because your situational awareness is completely gimped.

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Yes it does. I use sound to locate people all the time. Did it in the Swat event too which also didn’t have radar. Hell, I got most of my mauler kills by getting people with shot and slap kills around corners in Swap just listening to their foot steps and gun fire.

You’re people have been coddled way too long using radar to do all the work for you. Too make up for a lot of skills you lack.

You’re going to have to play customs if you want to play this game mode with motion tracker.


I don’t want to play this game, but it would be nice if since I have to play it for certain unlocks, it wasn’t built around lowering the skill ceiling by removing radar and encouraging camping. Radar tricks and usage and awareness separates good from bad in Halo and always has. Removing it is just another 343 step towards playing CoD again.

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Removing motion tracker doesn’t make it any less Halo then it already is. SWAT hasn’t had motion tracker since it’s introduction if I remember correctly.

Motion tracker just dumbs the game down if anything BTW. It does a lot of the work for the player, instead of them doing that work themselves. This is why when it’s remove you start seeing how dumb players really are by blindly running into rooms without checking corners where enemies might be. Noticed that ALOT during the swat event.

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Nope, no radar encourages and empowers camping. Simple as. Without radar campers can hide in a corner, making no noise, then run up on you once you come through and you get no warning until you’re hit. Radar gives you the warning if you’re vigilant. You can say “check corners” all you want but the fact is that rooms are squares and you can only look in one direction at a time meaning you look the wrong direction you’re dead. This is the entire point of the radar, to make up for the fact that in real life you’d have a multitude of other senses to alert you, but in a game you don’t.

It sounds more like you’re a camper who loves this new playlist because it’s literally camper paradise. Bottom line is everyone hates the playlist for this and many reasons.


I’m not that bothered with the lack of a radar, since it works both ways.

I just wish they’d turn off the player highlights.


Are you handicapped? If you’re crouched, camping, not moving in a corner AND you have a radar… you can get the jump on anyone within 20 meters of you without any effort? Including a racer in LSS would only embolden campers by giving them immediate location knowledge of anyone in their vicinity


You can turn them off in the menus

Lets break this down carefully, shall we?

First above all, there was never a point in time-- especially in Halo-- when you had the ability to look in multiple directions at once. Unarguable point.

Second of all, you don’t need Razer Alienware Eardrumblaster 3000 pro gaming headphones to hear quality sound. Turn up your TV, plug in a speaker, put on some headphones (or even earbuds). Hell, connect your bluetooth headphones or something. Not all sound is equal, sure, but this isn’t a hard obstacle to get around.

Oh, but of course. It’s very useful for normal arena modes, where teamshooting takes precedence and the objective is to make smarter plays than your opponent-- requiring intelligence gathering tools of the trade.

As for your second point though? You’re trying to highlight this apparent divide in the quality of sound hardware and mixing. There’s absolutely a point to be had here, but your argument is unsubstantiated by any sort of sound evidence.

Your point on mixing is absolutely true; I had to adjust my settings so I could properly hear important audio cues, but that last bit is a bit of a loss for you. If you recall, one of Halo Infinite’s initial advertised features was a new and improved spatial audio system. If you don’t, it’s the talking point of one of their old Inside Infinite publications available on this website.

You are objectively incorrect. Halo Infinite uses a form of 3D Spatial Audio, which-- if you listen to carefully-- will allow you to determine the direction any given sound is coming from. As for the rest of this anecdote, try to keep your feelings out of objective arguments. It undermines your crediblity.

If you’re not experienced with trying to follow audio cues or don’t know the map layout well enough to get a hint of where an enemy might be? That’s a thing called ‘inexperience.’ However, what you’re implying is that sound is completely unreliable, which is-- again-- false.

This is a very loaded statement in the context of Last Spartan Standing, so I’ll sum it up to this:

If you (or the enemy, who I think you’re talking about) are camping, you’re playing the mode wrong. Camping is directly proportional to getting behind, and that’s the last thing you want to do when the objective is to thrive.

As for the “gimped situational awareness” part, that’s a skill issue on the behalf of the operator. No other way to put it.

So you’re trying to tell me that being forced to pay more attention to your environment and surroundings is not conducive to a skill ceiling increase? Is that not why they remove the radar from Ranked modes and HCS tournaments?

As for your claim about the encouragement of camping, I’ll reiterate the timeless argument that sitting behind a corner and waiting for the little red dot to get close enough for a beatdown is much more encouraging. Ambushes aren’t abnormal when you’re at a deficit of vital information, which is why I will concede that your statement has some merit, but not nearly enough to make no-radar gameplay that much campier.

I absolutely agree that proper utilization of the radar is a skill gap in Halo, and a pretty important one at that. I’m not sure what direction your “CoD” remark is going in, but that first point is absolutely true.

(The same goes for learning to listen out for certain audio cues, like footsteps.)

It can. I’m starting to see where your point comes in, and its true that ambushes are much more prevalent in modes without radar.

As for your second point, your point is moot. Radar can give you the warning if you are vigilant, correct, but avid spatial awareness (which includes checking your corners) can do the same. One is a lot easier to do, of course, which is why it makes sense that you would prefer radar.

The “fact” is that practicing good room-searching behaviors is superior to tunnel visioning when your radar doesn’t exist and you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings. Call it what you will, but I’m calling this one an inexperience issue.

Yes, this is true. That’s why modes without it are harder, which is completely on purpose, the point that you seem to have forgotten.


These people only hear what they want to hear. They don’t care about other peoples opinions or point of view.

Luckily, they’re not going to get it in this game mode so it’s not so much of a big deal.

What I meant was it defeats the purpose of trying to hide in the background if you show up highlighted on your opponents’ screen. I’d prefer it to be disabled for everyone


Not having a radar in a FFA mode in Halo is so wrong.


What? The directional sound in Infinite is one of its strongest features.