Where's the Marathon/Security helmet?

It’s not in the Reach pass as it should be.

They’re going to try to sell it to me for $20 aren’t they?


Yep. That’s pretty much the common expectation for unreleased armor that has been shown to be in the game (i.e. Battle Pass, leaks, etc.)

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I’m not even sure the Security helmet in either of its forms is in the game files at the moment if I recall from a leaked armor list a month or so ago. Which makes me sad because I really want that Halo 3 Security helmet.

Has it? Where? Haven’t seen this.

I think the “heros” part of “Heros of reach” keeps throwing people off as far as what SHOULD be in the pass but honestly, with just 3 cores out in just the first two months they have a lot of sort of "tastes’ to cover and that datamine proved they know this. I just think the BP progression was supposed to bolster a lot of season 1’s long-term scope in this case.

That H3 style CQB exists but just wasnt part of this years data mine. I’ve been keeping a tab on the store and checking it against that datamine just to see if any surprises really happen. The thing keeping me hopeful for more reach callbacks (even other halos cause lets be honest, this feels a lil MCC-ish as far as approaches and offerings are concerned as of late) is that Emiles one off security shoulder pad doesn’t show up as a separate item in his kit AND that the reach security shoulders as a pair showed up in that store datamine. Along with a, complete with stance, Reach CQB Kit.

Its been weird to see how they price and present the “legendary” coatings because the current 2,000 coin bundle looks sick…buuut its displayed with a default Cavallino Mark VII wearing Agathius shoulder AND as i write this, also says that it “requires Yoroi and Mark V to equip ALL ARMOR COATINGS”.

So right there, is a weird prerequisite, both in terms of the Free event earned Cores & and the Mark V (Paid for)BP core(s). Its this weird stretching of what is currently available and planned for that makes their early pitch of always offering the current and previous battle-passes make sense…buuuuut a total growing pain.

sorry for the essay but I’m a longtime lover of the security helmet and just wanna say…yeah…yeah they probably will make us pay for it after all this analyzing so far.

heres a link of my list i have, green marks are the Mark V offerings we have yet to see. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11gghcq1RG72n4dvJjXBF2lG60qkEF0Dz/view?usp=sharing

same I do want that helmet too