Where's the MAC on the Strident-Class frigate

I cannot find the MAC on any picture of the new frigate in Halo 4! All sources and previous experience with Halo says that a UNSC warship has at least 1 MAC. Where is the MAC? I looked at where the MAC used to be on the old Halo 3 and Halo 2 frigates, but all I see are lights and empty space.

I think that they’re on the upper front of the ship, between the armor plating and upper middle. Here’s a link to the image. Top left of image, between outter plating and center, it looks like two barrles are imbedded there. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131030225219/halo/images/thumb/9/96/H4-StridentHeavyFrigate-ScanRender.png/640px-H4-StridentHeavyFrigate-ScanRender.png

Even in the image from the link you send, it is still hard too say where the MAC gun is, or should be. But I’m guessing you are right, it should be in that specific area

Mass Accelerator Cannon, such as a series of magnets that propel the round where it is going, it doesn’t need to look like a gun, so Im thinking that those two huge pylons with the gap needlessly placed in between them with that cage looking thing could be the MAC “cannon” since the MAC connons tend to be two pylons on the barrel with space in the middle, such as on Reach’s last level.
Think that this could be the answer?

That is a plausible theory. It never came to my mind like that. Actually, it is the best theory at the moment.